How to Join Us

How do members benefit?

Sans Peur Times. Regular Newsletters are issued free to members several times a year by email. The Sans Peur Times gives topical news from Scotland as well as news of what Sutherlands throughout the world are doing. There are articles on clan history and family history as well as an opportunity to exchange family history information. Members are encouraged to contribute information for the Newsletter. In addition, some of the editions are dedicated to Genealogy. Members also have free access to an archive of past editions of the Sans Peur Times as well as other relevant documents such as a recently published article by the Clan Historian. These are located in a password-protected section of this website, and Members can obtain the password via the contact us page, by providing their membership number.

The Society holds an Annual General Meeting each year. Please check the Events and the News pages of the website for details. The agendas will be sent out to members via the Sans Peur Times, and the minutes will be issued when completed. In addition the Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland regularly organises International Gatherings. Details of these Gatherings are given on this website or in the Sans Peur Times

The Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland has its base at Dunrobin Castle, near Golspie, which is open to the public from Easter to October. Society members enjoy free entry to the Castle on production of a current membership card. The Clan Room displays articles and information relating to the Clan.

Who can join?

The Society is open to anyone bearing the name Sutherland.  Some authorities regard the families of Cheyne, Federith, Gray, Oliphant, Mowat and a branch of the Keiths as historically associated with the Clan. Anyone else interested in joining may apply for membership.

Application and Payment

To join simply complete the application form available here. You can either download the form or copy and paste it to your computer. If you have trouble printing the form, then please contact us and we will either send it to you as an email attachment or mail a copy to you. Please use a separate application form for each individual or for each family at one address. Please send your completed version to info@clansutherland.org.uk as an attachment. Alternatively you can print the completed form and send it by mail to the address given on the form.

You can make your payment by PayPal or by a credit card through PayPal on our Payments page choosing the option which applies. You can pay for up to five years subscriptions by choosing the appropriate quantity. As an alternative, you may pay by cheque sent with the application form by mail, but only in sterling. Cheques in other currencies cannot be accepted. If you have any questions please contact us.

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