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Family tree
Hi Everyone, I hope all the Clan Sutherland Family are well.

I have just started to complete my Family tree and have got so far as James Sutherland 1769 Baptised in Walls and Flotta Orkney. According to Scotlands People, His Birth father was William Sutherland and Elspeth Baikie and his wife was Belles Melles.

Now, this is where I get lost, I cannot find James death place and year. I cannot find Belle Melles anything. From what i see on Archives, they had 4 children James, Andrew, John and Ann ( however, John and Ann might not be theirs), I’m so confused.

Also, Belle Melles name is different on all the baptised and marriage records, making is even more confusing.

My family are:

Lee Sutherland 1969 -
Stephen James Sutherland 1947 -
Ronald William Sutherland 1920 - 1998.
Stephen Sutherland 1879 - 1942.
James Sutherland 1842 - 1882.
William Sutherland 1819 - 1887
James Sutherland 1788 Stromness - 1857
James Sutherland 1769 Walls and Flotta - ?

Hope someone can help.

All the best to you all and Thank you.

Lee Sutherland
Posted by Lee Sutherland on 03 February 2023
Lee the Society does not have a Genealogy service so I suggest you post your query on social media like Facebook.

James' wife was Isobell Mellis also written as Isabella Mellish. Their children James was baptised in Stromness in 1788 and Ann in Stromness in 1802.

Remember most people did not appear in the Parish Register and a great many Parish Registers have not survived.
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 03 February 2023
Hi Mark,

Thank you for the reply and information, it is much appreciated.

I understand the society does not have a genealogy service, I was just stuck on the part that I mentioned in my post and was hoping that somebody from the society or members may have a some information that they know about, to help me move on.

Thank you again for the information that you gave me.

All the best

Posted by Lee Sutherland on 03 February 2023
Sutherland branch
Hello everyone, we have been connecting with our ancestors and thanks to the links in Ancestry we found a comprehensive history from an Alexander Sutherland born and lived in Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. his son John and his family travelled by ship to Australia in 1873 along with newborn James-my husband's grandfather. One day we would love to travel to Scotland to explore the Sutherland history in more detail. We love our motto 'Sans Peur'-my husband, two sons and daughter have it as a tattoo! Cheers from Australia to other Sutherlands!
Posted by Di Sutherland on 25 January 2023
Thank you Di, I am sorry but with so little information provided, I have no idea who your husband's family is.
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 29 January 2023
seeking answers
I am very happy to have found this site. My grandfather was Benjamin M Sutherland and was born in Caithness, Scotland in 1885 (or at least, that is what US documents say).

I never knew my grandfather. Benjamin died when I was young and had a difficult relationship with my grandmother who divorced him in only a few years. My father had to change his name to my grandmother's next husband's last name. My original last name should have been Sutherland. OH the confusion!!
I never felt like an Amondsen and neither did my brother. In fact, my brother named his business after the Sutherland name.

I recently had a DNA test and can see many distant family members (3rd -5th cousins) with the Sutherland surname in their history.

Unfortunately, I have hit a wall in my genealogy search with the Sutherlands. Using the given birth date in US documents, I found a birth record of a Benjamin Sutherland born a day earlier than my grandfather's birthday in his death certificate and Military forms. The only other Benjamin Sutherland from Caithness born in 1885 was born 6 months after my grandfather's listed birthday on US documents (and his grave!). So I am assuming a mistake was made in the birth documents?

It is very frustrating. Tracking the father of Benjamin is difficult. Seems everyone named their boys William, John, James and Alexander. So it is making my search so confusing with my DNA results! What to do??

Blessings to all!!!
Kristin Sassi (born Amondsen/ Sutherland
Posted by Kristin Sassi (Amondsen - Sutherland) on 18 August 2022
I was very excited to stumble upon this website! My grandfather, William Sutherland, has the Clan Sutherland crest throughout his home. I am heading off to Scotland on August 14th and the Dunrobin Castle is on my list! It will be my first time in Scotland, and I am very excited to learn more about my family history.
Posted by Diana Sutherland on 04 August 2022
Hi just came across this afternoon searching flotta on Google street . Iv got very close friends who are sutherlands im 50 now and spend many summers on flotta at my friends grand house which was empty cause she’d moved to dundee area to live with her son my friends dad anyway he’s Simon Sutherland he’s an original bloodline of the flotta suntherlands . He also had an aunty had a house in finstown mainland Orkney . Simons dads is called bill Sutherland and his brother is called billy they now live in different parts of angus around dundee . Simon is in Carnoustie . They are genuine flotta sutherlands
Posted by Craig on 09 July 2022
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