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Confirming discoveries
Alexander Sutherland is my 7th Great Grandfather from whom I'm paternally descended. He emigrated to America via Yorktown in 1654. The last name was changed by Fendel (1767-1834) to Sutherlin and I'm trying to discover why. I've only begun my ancestral search a couple years ago and would appreciate any help with verifications and additional information. I've researched the line somewhat to 41 BC but now must add the branches to the trunk. Being part of something which pre and post dates ones self is a privilege.
Posted by Gregory L Horton Sutherland on 29 October 2020
Family history!
Hello! I have been doing my family history, being a 'Mowat' I understood they belonged to your clan, and just come across Dunrobin Castle for my 11th Great Grand father the 13th Earl. I will do some more tomorrow, but looking forward to reading about the castle soon!
Posted by Kate Dunn on 30 September 2020
Dunrobin Castle
Just wanted to express my gratitude to the builders of Dunrobin Castle. For various reasons it is a place I carry in my heart forever.
Posted by Dafne Ofelia Vallstroem on 26 April 2020
Family Connection!
Hello family!

I have found that the clan of Sutherland are distantly related to me the Lord Sutherland is my 17th Cousin! Thank you for this wonderful wesbite

Posted by Michael Beehan on 07 January 2020
Hello Michael and thank you for contacting us. Please email me on mark@clansutherland.org.uk so we can discuss your line of descent.

President of the Clan Sutherland Society
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 07 January 2020
Sutherlands in The Netherlands
My wife descends from James Sutherland, Born 1740 Wick Caithness in Scotland. He was Corporal in the 2nd Bataillon of the Regiment Stuart in The Netherlands.
James was married 1773 in the city of Zutphen to John Ann Richie. Daughter of Robert Richie, Sergeant in the Compagnie of Colonel Munro, 1st Bataillon of the Regiment Stuart in The Netherlands. Her mother was Jan Gown of Gunn.
We're looking for Scottish ancestors of both James Sutherland and Robert Richie.
Anything you can give me would be very helpful.
Thank You,
Albert Ruijtenbeek
Posted by Albert Ruijtenbeek on 11 September 2019
Good evening Albert and apologies for the delay in replying to you. I believe I have come across this couple before, ancestors of one of our members. Can you please email me at mark@clansutherland.org.uk

President of the Clan Sutherland Society
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 07 January 2020
Nice to connect
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Dunrobin School
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Merry Christmas
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Cattach Family Surname
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Family tree
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Barrogil Sutherlands
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Lt Col James Sutherland
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My grandmother
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Family Connections
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Christina Sutherland
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Clan Sutherland
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Capt. Alexander Sutherland
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