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I was very excited to stumble upon this website! My grandfather, William Sutherland, has the Clan Sutherland crest throughout his home. I am heading off to Scotland on August 14th and the Dunrobin Castle is on my list! It will be my first time in Scotland, and I am very excited to learn more about my family history.
Posted by Diana Sutherland on 04 August 2022
Hi just came across this afternoon searching flotta on Google street . Iv got very close friends who are sutherlands im 50 now and spend many summers on flotta at my friends grand house which was empty cause she’d moved to dundee area to live with her son my friends dad anyway he’s Simon Sutherland he’s an original bloodline of the flotta suntherlands . He also had an aunty had a house in finstown mainland Orkney . Simons dads is called bill Sutherland and his brother is called billy they now live in different parts of angus around dundee . Simon is in Carnoustie . They are genuine flotta sutherlands
Posted by Craig on 09 July 2022
Sutherland wanderers
My branch of the Sutherland family moved from Duffus to Walls and Flotta , Orkney, at the turn of the 18th century and then travelled south to become fishermen on the Thames at the turn of the 19th century. I am now living in America and have recently established contact with Sutherland family members in Canada. I am determined to visit Duffus and Golspie later this summer pandemic or not!
Posted by Joanna Varini on 13 April 2022
Joanna, can you please email me on info@clansutherland.org.uk as I think I know the branch of the family you belong to.

Society President
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 15 April 2022
Replying to Joanna Varini,
I am also descended from Sutherland's of Walls and FLotta, Orkney.

Which Ancestors do you have in your tree? I bet we have a connection.
Posted by Jennifer Linn on 13 July 2022
Sutherland family
Hello. I was very excited to find this website. My grandfather was Walter Scott Sutherland and his father was Harry Sutherland. I recently did my father's ancestors DNA and it showed to have lineage to Scotland.
Posted by Daniel Dario Sutherland Jr on 30 July 2021
Good morning Daniel, I would be very pleased to discuss the DNA project with you. Can you please email me on info@highland-family-heritage.co.uk
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 04 August 2021
Hello, I discovered a little while ago that my family line has many Sutherlands in it but the name died out with my great great grandmother Nina Ellen Sutherland. So what I was wondering is would I still be able to join if the name died out?
Posted by Megan on 23 July 2021
Hello Megan, of course you are eligible to join the Society. You have Sutherland ancestry like every other member. Yours just happens to have passed down through a female line.
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 23 July 2021
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