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The Scots language has a rich tradition, and abounds with marvellous words. This blog will regularly show a different Scots or Gaelic word with its English equivalent. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Linda Gilmore Sutherland


DOOCOT 06/03/2017

by Linda - 01:01 on 06 March 2017


Historic stone-built doocots that were used to house pigeons can be found widely in Scotland, and are often associated with castles and country houses.  The fact that they are relatively small, strong constructions mean that they have resisted the ravages of time.  At the time of their construction they enabled a regular source of choice meat to be readily available.

There is a fine doocot located at Phantassie in East Lothian (to the east of Edinburgh) near to where I used to live.

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