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The Scots language has a rich tradition, and abounds with marvellous words. This blog will regularly show a different Scots or Gaelic word with its English equivalent. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Linda Gilmore Sutherland


BRAW 13/02/2017

by Linda - 01:01 on 13 February 2017


This is one of my favourite words, and may be used to express joy and appreciation in a wide range of situations.  It may describe a fine day, as can be experienced at the Rest and Be Thankful pass in the Arrochar Alps north of Glasgow on a braw autumn day.

The word 'braw' is also often used to describe a person, as in a 'braw lass' (or indeed a 'braw lad'), and may refer both to the lass's physical appearance and her splendid attire.

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