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Lt Col James Sutherland
Hello, I believe Lt Col James Sutherland (1726-89) to be my fifth great-grandfather. I understand that he lived at Dunrobin and subsequently at Uppat House. I am researching my family tree and would like to find out more; if anyone has any advice on how to further my research, I would be very grateful. Thank you.
Posted by Sue on 20 May 2018
Hello Sue, Lt.Col. James Sutherland of Uppat is a well known figure and his family very well documented. I suggest you email me with details of your descent and I can advise you.
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 20 May 2018
My grandmother
My grandmothers name was Daisy Sutherland-Corrie and we were always told the family came from Scotland
She unfortunately died when my father a Littlewood was 7 so we have no information about her
Has anybody heard of this nane -if so would love to have any information available
Thanks deb
Posted by Deb hughes on 19 March 2017
Hello Deb, sorry but we do not have a database containing all Sutherlands or anything like that. You should begin in search in areas you know or believe your family is or was associated with. You might also want to think about taking a DNA test which may put you in contact with cousins.
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 20 May 2018
Family Connections
My 4th Great Grandfather Donald Sutherland left Brora to work for the Hudson Bay Company eventually returning to Brora with four children to set up as a Miller. The building (Pier House) still stands in Brora Harbor today as a B&B. In 2007 my wife and I visited Brora and Dunrobin. We found Pier House and my 4th Grandfathers grave near clynelish distillery. Fantastic trip of discovery we can't wait to return one day.

Warm Regards,
Hamish Sutherland
New Zealand
Posted by Hamish Sutherland on 23 February 2017
My husband's(Ross Gordon Sutherland)great grandfather, William Sutherland emigrated to Canada from Wick in the mid 1800's. We visited Dunrobin Castle 10 years on a trip to Scotland to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.
Posted by Cheryl Sutherland on 30 November 2016
Cheryl, we are always pleased to learn about the families of Sutherlands who have spread around the diaspora. Have you thought about joining our society or your husband taking a DNA test (assuming he hasn't already in which case you should contact me urgently)?
Posted by Mark Sutherland-Fisher on 06 February 2017
I have always been proud of my family name. "Sans Peur," has helped in many situations. Very interesting page here and I would be interested in hearing more. My brothers son *(my cousin) David had did a DNA test but I understand its expensive?


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